Fun Vintage Suitcase Diy Projects

Fun Vintage Suitcase Diy Projects

Do you love with vintage suitcase and don’t want to lose it ever? Join us! Here we bring interesting ideas of recycling old suitcase into productive home products. These festive lifestyle hacks bring ease in life. You gain extra advantage without spending single penny.

Vintage suitcase coffee table

Follow quick and easy diy suitcase inspiration to attain notable furniture for living room makeover. Homemade suitcase coffee table is excellent ideas to pop vintage grace in home ambiance. This lovely suitcase table offered hidden storage space where you put pillow covers and other thing to de-clutter lounge area. Side table and nightstand suitcase table are also inviting ideas.

Repurpose suitcase cabinet

No doubt, you love with fun-chic vintage suitcase storage cabinet. You haven’t needed to worry about beauty product organizations. Wall mounted suitcase cabinets provide enough roomy space to set whole vanity inside without leaving any hint what’s there inside it. You also attain Emergency medication kit benefits by storing medicine and related accessories.

Diy wall mounted shelf

Streamline statement wall with ingenious vintage suitcase shelf to pinch extra coziness and drama in space. Simple wall treated with multiple suitcase rack strategically nail to organize showpieces and other decorative details. It’s cool transition for over the console table accent. With similar diy project you can create lovely perch for pet cat.

Ingenious old suitcase work table

Create peaceful and efficient working area with fun. Sewing machine stand and old vintage suitcase brilliantly involve making office desk. That’s smart plan for space-saving home. Packed suitcase desk when did your work.

Upcycle vintage suitcase console table

Console table is another furniture hack has much more importance in home interior decoration. You can retreat space where it feel difficult to put other details. Upcycle old suitcases into chic console table as show in above photos. Must-have this creative project in mind when go to renovate home in farm-house or vintage-chic style. These tables are awesome for corridor, entrance, foyer, living and bedroom decorations.

Fun-chic diy suitcase home bar

Repurpose vintage suitcase into home bar t improve your lifestyle. These suitcase bars consume less space and give complete advantage of a bar. It can move easily even you take it for outdoor celebrations. Here we have two different ideas of making suitcase bars. Folded metals stand with suitcase stand is perfect for those who want portable and easy solution. Tiered shelf and clear front suitcase cabinets style bar is another inspirations for beverage lovers.

Repurpose suitcase organizer

Fabulous diy suitcase organizer is good idea s for those who want to see each and every thing in better arrangement. You can arrange diy working tool, place books, or arrange jewelry in suitcase organizers. Table top or wall mounted both are suitable plan for creating storage space through suitcase.

Diy suitcase cat bed

Put the money back in your pocket if you’re going to buy a bed for your four-legged friend. Turn an antique suitcase into a cozy and attractive cat bed. Remove the lid and cover the space with a washable pillow. Decorate with lace on the sides and attached table legs for added height. site Tempat Wisata di Balikpapan Here’s another inspiration for making a diy cat bed. If the suitcase is deep enough, fill it with a soft old piece of cloth and place a soft mattress inside. Don’t take off the cover you want packing advantage.



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