Paper Wall Décor Ideas That’ll fill Freshness into Surrounding

Paper Wall Décor Ideas That'll fill Freshness into Surrounding

Pampering home wall with beautiful paper art is a wonderful way to add personal vibe to your home. Working with wall paper and painting texture become old age trend try something beyond. Paper wall are affordable and easier than any other. Learn diy way of making paper flower at home and style your wall under own creativity. Fun and style both meet with diy paper wall decorations.

3D geometric paper wall art

Make beautiful art piece to accent simple over the console and behind the sofa wall. Cool décor all put on wall with these charming multicolor geometric spread. Use larger square sheets and lively colors for beauty purpose. 3D paper triangle brilliantly joins together for eye-pleasing enhance. These also know as Origami paper wall art.

Cut 3d paper butterfly wall art

Making paper butterfly just kids game. This one truly fun-making and cost-effective idea to enchant boring wall. Butterfly wall art perfect for everyone no matter what age you have. You can place 3d flying butterfly on baby nursery, living room, Kitchen dining and bedroom walls. Simply draw butterfly pattern of your favorite paper sheet. Cutout and make two crease in center for 3D effects. Now stick of wall whatever way you like.

Paper pinwheel wall art

Paper wheel easiest diy projects you can do accurately even has have no experience yet. You can also call them paper rosette. Cut straight and wide paper strips or fold half of the sheet. Fold paper in plissé or accordion style to make paper fan. Make four fan and stick together with tape to make large rosette. Cut folded fan end in desire shape to enhance attractive rosette finish.

Color blocks geometric paper wall art

Geometric paper wall art create wow factor, indeed! Take 6×6 inch square sheet and fold it to make four equal boxes. Now fold each box inside for with triangular fold that it once again turns into square. Make as much as you need now connect these in way as show in picture diet sehat. Color-block geometric wall look so elegant. You can choose any color scheme according to interior requirement.

Paper poppy flower wall art

Giant poppy flower are awesome to enhance statement room wall. Make festive poppies flower in multicolor and nail at wall where you place baby cart.

Artistic paper wall décor

Hack designer diy paper wall decoration ideas to accent tricky wall. Paper hot air balloon and other shape ingeniously make with paper and highlight with color border for enchanting appearance on darker color wall.

Giant paper flower headboard wall

Pastel color crepe paper decorative 3D giant flower are the coolest inspiration to add opulence and spring freshness into bedroom space. Make easy paper flower and arrange in attractive way for subtle headboard.

Dahlia flower paper wall art

Brighter color paper used to make dahlia flower wall art. First make cone as an individual petal and then arrange together for statement flower finish. These are awesome for corridor, entrance, and console wall decorations.



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