Best Ways to Spice-Up TV Unit Wall

Best Ways to Spice-Up TV Unit Wall

Decorating TV unit wall in unique way gives style and beauty to your room interior. TV unit on focus wall assume smart option to put everything on point. You can express your style taste and personality touch here. There are array of option when it come to TV unit wall decoration. Wood paneling, low set consoles, off-set cabinetry, LED lighting and many more ideas waiting for your approval.

Nail up wood panel behind TV

Bring all arrangement together with similar backdrop to treat TV unite wall. Long console, wall mounted book racks put that area on coverage. In addition install more shelves to display few of your favorite art pieces. These shelves might put opposite side to the TV unit on same wall.

Modern TV unit with Asymmetric cabinetry

Look for creative and smart layouts for establishing storage space all around the TV unit. Offset alignment of shelves and rack feel awesome instead of symmetrical arrangements.

Give texture to your wall

Fill romance and drama into the air by lighting up gab between TV and wall mounted panel. Wood grain or crack pattern boar behind the TV look more attractive even when TV screen is not in use.

TV unit wall with wood board

Put your TV unit wall on the point through lovely features like signature low shelf. Sleek and stylish floating rack consider best to Display art pieces and related gadgets. These shelves also effective in making floor space look clear and tidy.

Floating cabinet

Give function to your TV unit wall. Mount stylish cabinetry beneath and upside of the TV unit. Sticks LED light strips to upper unit to enhance cozy glow while put subtle arrangement on lower cabinetry counter top and open racks.

Stacked stone and wooden TV unit

Spice up modern living room TV unit wall with a mix up of textures and details. Put architectural vibe in sophisticated way wisata pantai. Brick stone wall, darker tone hardwood panel and modern floating console are key features to adorn main wall. Further add creative lights and wood box racks to develop strong impression.

TV unites with fireplace

Pop up luxe touch with rustic vibe by mounting your TV onto wood palette board right over the contemporary fireplace. That really smart ideas to consume space between two windows.

Hidden TV wall wardrobe

Wow, indeed! TV unites wall décor with sneaky shelf excellent idea for space saving homes. Built wall mounted wardrobe around TV and hide it with sleek panel door if you want tidy and clear surround here. Just put low set cabinet on coverage.

TV unit wall with photo collage

Load up wall with memories and favorite hanging to liven-up TV unit area. Festive photo collage, ceramic sculpture looks so elegant on plain wall and charm doubles with luxe and stylish palettes style sideboard.

Add cozy light features

Simplicity with style is best option for those who believe in ‘less is more’ play with classy pattern and pop bit of coziness for a sober and trendy room interior layout. Earthy grey room looks impressive with strips, polka, text and Horehound pattern. TV unit area keep simple yet versatility still feel clearly. Geometric pattern wood panel on one side with modern wall sconces add drama into space.



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