Recycled Your Old Bulbs for Unique Diy Ideas

Recycled Your Old Bulbs for Unique Diy Ideas

According to the site idea Wisata Danau Sentani can get a beautiful touch on the interior setting of your modern home. Old bulbs are a waste material from any home, but here we have creative ideas for recycling your old bulbs into decoration. Scroll through this page and look for more diy bulb decorating ideas for your modern home interior decoration.

Take your old bulb and make unique decoration piece with your artistic charm. Christmas decoration, oil lamp, terrarium, planter pot, fish aquarium, snowman and many other decorations can allure your modern interior setting with these lovely ideas of diy bulb décor.

Diy bulb flower planter idea

Amazing! Diy bulb terrarium décor idea can grab it on your modern home interior décor. Old bulb diy idea as terrarium brings eye-catching charm on your home interior setting. These diy bulbs are hanged on balcony or bedroom window. Colorful flowers can get charming hue on your modern home interior with this unique diy bulb idea.

Diy bulb snowman décor

Wow! Diy bulb snow man idea is also best choice for your stunning look. Old bulb utilized as this unique diy idea and rocks your artistic creativity and adorned your modern home interior décor. You may also décor your old bulb as a snowman with crazy ornamentation.

Paint your old bulb with white paint and embellished with fur cap, plaid belted button or black paper for eyes and make diy snowman with cheap ideas and get center of attraction on your modern home interior décor.

Diy oil lamp décor with old bulbs

Diy oil lamp idea makes appealing your fantastic decoration piece. Metallic spiral stand can hold your old light bulb and make unique lightning idea of oil lamp. Take oil and put on this old bulb and add cotton roll for making an oil lamp and get dramatically charm on your modern home interior setting. This diy old bulb decorative idea is best for dining and console table.

Christmas decoration with diy bulb idea

Cardinal lightning bulb ornament diy idea can rock your creativity. Take your old light bulb and paint with acrylic paint and adorned with artificial feathers, fabric cap or string for hanging. This diy idea can grab the attraction on your modern home interior setting. You must take out for Christmas party decoration and appeal your home interior setting.

Pears shaped diy bulb décor idea

Outstanding! Twin light bulb diy pears are center of eye in dinner party as a centerpiece. Take your old twine light bulb, jute, glue gun and stem or twig of apple or pear. All ingredients make a splendid diy decoration for your home interior. Wrapped the jute on twine light bulb through glue gun with well organized way and get ready your diy decoration piece. After wrapping the jute add tem of pears at the top of the bulb and make cute diy rustic touch pears for your dining bowl centerpiece.

Diy bulb romantic decoration piece

Cute romantic decoration idea with bulb brings eye-catching charm on your home. Take old bulb and cut a medium sized hole on this bulb. Add colored sand on this bulb and enter colorful flower on it and make beautiful decoration piece for your bedroom. You must keep on your bedroom for romantic hue décor of couple bedroom.

Diy bulb fish aquarium and planter pot

Amazing! Light bulb diy idea makes appealing your home interior setting with 2 in 1 décor idea. Diy fish aquarium with planter pot brings eye-catching charm on your diy bulb décor idea. Take aquarium stone and put on the base of bulb and fill it with water and add fish or plant for your interior décor.



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