Industrial Custom High-Pressure Washers

Industrial Custom High-Pressure Washers

Industrial equipment needs to be serviced and cleaned. The most common process in industries that produce goods is cleaning, removing grease from metal, glass, Kitchen Ideas and plastic with cleaning fluids.

There are many types of industrial cleaning and washers, let’s go through some of them.

Immersion Cleaning

In this process of cleaning mainly detergents are used which can emulsify oils. The parts of the machines are usually small, and they are kept in a basket and immersed directly in the cleaning agent. This type of cleaning is carried out mainly on surface preps, degreasing, stripping or de-scaling, or bottle or container cleaning.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

This is same as immersion cleaning but more enhanced. Most of the liquid cleaners like semi-aqueous solutions, alkaline, acidic, and neutral increase their cleaning efficiency by this method. They are mainly used to clean contaminants and oils, grease, particles, and machining chips using an ultrasonic wash. Also, they are then rinsed and dried ultrasonically. In this method, with the help of transducers, ultrasonic energy is created in the cleansing liquid.

Auger Washers

In this process first the immersion method is used on machine parts and then the same solution is applied to spray on them. As generally, the nozzle pressure is low, the parts don’t have foam problems. This method is used for parts which have heavy oils. A cleaner with oil rejecting capacity is used to skim down oils from the solution surface. This method is used for cleaning nuts, bolts and washers.

Vibratory Cleaning

This process is used on de-scaling, de-burring and pre-planting procedures. Mechanical energy is delivered by the machine to the media with cleansing compounds to do polishing, burnishing or abrades on the parts of the device. When the vibratory cleaning is done the parts are usually removed with the help of the hand, but separate screens may be used as an aid.

Spray Washers

Mostly alkaline solutions are used in this cleaning process. The parts are directly sprayed with a cleansing agent on a pressure. The shape of the nozzle helps the cleaning agent reach the remotest parts of the machine or its parts. The higher the force of solution, the more foams get generated in a spray washer. This method is useful for removing oils from parts. For eliminating soil, mechanical process is also applied.

Things you should remember to buy a cleaner:

  • Removal of soil.
  • Should know the surface which is to be cleaned, so that the whole surface area gets cleaned.
  • The underlying components should get cleaned by the cleaner.
  • The cleaner supports corrosion protection.
  • Restrictions on the material.

Overall should be good for the plant’s health as well as safety.



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