Exclusive Kitchen stairs Trends For Modern Homes

Exclusive Kitchen stairs Trends For Modern Homes

Stair now becomes vital part of modern home. Interior designer prefer visible and focal areas for stair to but the interior up at a notch. This is the reason of constructing stairs in living room entrance hall room areas. Doesn’t worry have enough space for stair in lounge? We have another inspiration which is cool enough than the first one. Ask your architecture to add stair in kitchen.

Stair in kitchen is really smart idea for space saving homes. We also advise this project for those have open kitchen plan and those who shift their kitchen in ground floor while used second floor for accommodation. Here we bring functional ideas for kitchen stair which really help you a lot in choose best thing for you dreamy dwelling.

Wooden stairs and kitchen

Set up kitchen under loft with open kitchen plan inspiration. Stair under stair, wow it fantastic! Do you ever thing about such creation. Arrange cabinetry and work counter under the loft while bring empty space beneath stair in functionality. Ask carpenter to built sneaky pantry and appliance cabinetry here for sleek and tidy enhance.

Under stairs basement kitchen

Awesome! Kitchen in basement become architectural most favorite inspiration because this will help also in kipping work area separate from the rest. You can enjoy cooking without making disturbance. Stairs are essential for basement kitchen. Nail stairs on visible wall and construct kitchen cabinetry in way as show in above picture.

Open roof housing becomes the hottest trend which gives pent house like life-style. Luxe and comfortable living style waiting for your approval. Wooden and aluminum combination spread elegance and glimpse in the space. Modern stairs leads to lost bedroom while kitchen parallel living room. Lock this cooler inspiration if you want quick and direct serving to you guest in delightful environment.

Ground floor kitchen with stairs

In current picture kitchen built on ground floor. Kitchen is just on your right when enter the home. L-shaped wooden cabinetry with black counter tops perfectly blends with white and black interior. Dark wood flooring also leads to smart straight stair attached with kitchen. Glass railing and vase placement on steps infuse opulence into the space jasa artikel.

Single floor housing plan

Enjoy all living facilitates under single ceiling with this interesting and clever idea. Ceiling to wall mounted wardrobe for organization purpose while loft turn into leisure Conner. Glasses and wooden stair give easy reach to bedroom. Cabinets also built under stairs which become part of kitchen. Cooking counter top fixed with adjacent wall and island put in center where it used for multipurpose.

Country side basement kitchen

Brick wall and wooden interior make the coziest surrounding for cooking and backing. Country-inspired basement kitchen furnished with every household. Stairs painted in white to make a part of kitchen.

Double-shape stairs in kitchen

Kitchen under stair become out date fashion. Now mode interior design let you feel something unique from common aesthetic. Shift lounge furniture to second or upper most floor and streamline foyer area with modern American style kitchen. Open kitchen with dining room look so beautiful with double stairs.



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