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Ernest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises

Ernest Hemingway was born in 1899, in the Chicago suburb of Oak Park, Illinois. He grew up in a prominent family, with a doctor father and an opera singer mother. His mother was very strict and ensured that the family would live a pristine Protestant lifestyle. One element of Ernest’s childhood that would have a profound impact on him as an adult is the fact that his mother dressed him up in girl’s clothing. She did this because she was so disappointed over not having twins, and would pair him up with his slightly older sister. Hemingway was a well-rounded student and an active participant in his high school, but English class was where he was really given the opportunity to shine.

Rather than heading off to college, eighteen year old Hemingway instead opted to become a journalist. He did this for awhile, and then decided that he was going to be involved in the military somehow. After failing an examination which disqualified him from active duty, Ernest joined the Red Cross. This did not prevent him from seeing the harsh realities of war, and the images would provide much of the inspiration for some of his most famous novels.

One of these novels about war was The Sun Also Rises, which focuses on the Lost Generation, the nickname given to young people who had been through various aspects of World War I. The characters in the novel are all trying to pick up the pieces after witnessing some of the horrors and the evil side of humanity. Their interactions with one another are plagued by issues of sexuality, racism and strong psychological reactions to their situations. Hemingway liked to explore the depths of human relationships, both abnormal and normal, with a major event serving as the backdrop for the characters to reference. Furthermore, the way in which the characters speak to one another is a technique that Hemingway uses in many of his works. He prefers a more direct tone, rather than offering lengthy sentence structure and reflection. The characters and settings, while symbolic, talk in the way that we would have an every day conversation on the street.

A major theme of this story lies with the main character and narrator of the story, Jake Barnes. The war has left him impotent, and thus unable to pursue a sexual relationship with the main female character, Brett Ashley. Brett, while beautiful, is somewhat masculine in nature, which provides a stark contrast. Hemingway uses a role reversal to play with our thoughts on war. This hero comes back unable to show the ultimate in manhood, which would be making love, while his female counterpart is quite promiscuous and nonchalant about her affairs, as men would stereotypically be.

Another element widely used in The Sun Also Rises is the absence of trust and insecurity. While this is blatant in Brett Ashley’s characterization, there is a more subtle trust issue among the men within their friendships. The character of Robert Cohn is the target of much scorn and resentment from the others. On a superficial level, many of the men distrust him because he is Jewish, and this was a time of anti-Semitism, due to the gradual rise of Hitler during the World Wars. But, there is deep-seeded hatred that Jake feels because he feels somewhat stripped of his masculinity by Cohn. Not only does he get the woman that is the object of his desire, but also he has not fought in the war. His romantic notions of war having not suffered tragedy breed hatred toward him.

Sexuality of course is a recurring theme throughout the novel, but its overall destructiveness and corruption of behavior can also be found. The bullfighting is a great symbol used to portray this downfall, because of the way in which it is described. It shows the duality of sex, in that it is seductive and creates a wonderful feeling throughout the body, as the initial charge of the bull does. But, just as there is an extreme brutality in the sport, so is there in a sexual relationship. When sex is frivolous, it is inevitably on the path toward destruction.

It was not uncommon for Hemingway to insert several personal elements in his writing. Heavy drinking occurs throughout The Sun Also Rises as a catalyst, it seems, for the honesty of the characters. Perhaps this was an early attempt for Hemingway to bleed his demons out onto the page, because he had suffered from alcoholism for a good portion of his life. To what extent this novel is autobiographical is not known, but it is a safe assumption that he did inject a part of his personality into the characters and plot.

Ernest Hemingway’s writings are still discussed today, because of the complexity and symbolism of the characters and events. Combining historical facts with straightforward dialogue, The Sun Also Rises provides insight into the futility of war and the repercussions for a young generation who have seen immense tragedy.

20-year-old Girl’s Skin-care Tips

First, the skin characteristics of ABC
Skin is the body’s largest organ, the total weight is about 16% of body weight, adult skin surface area of about 1.5 square meters.Skin consists of epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue of three parts, the thickness of the skin under the age varies parts, not including the subcutaneous tissue, about 0.5-4 mm.Eyelid, vulva, breasts, facial skin is thinner, hand, foot the thickest skin.
Mainly by the epidermal keratinocytes and dendritic cells, is divided into five layers from the outside, the outermost layer of keratinocytes is completely keratinized, dehydration, has a protective effect, called the cuticle.The deepest phase cells were cylindrical and dermis, called the basal layer, keratinocytes can produce new cells, the cells are constantly goes up and eventually fall off, this cycle about 28 days.Between the basal layer melanocytes, melanin can protect the organization from the deep ultraviolet radiation damage.Below the epidermis is the dermis, subcutaneous tissue, there have fibers, cells, connective tissue, adipose tissue, blood vessels, nerves, skin appendages, etc., provide nutrition for the skin.The skin has a certain toughness and elastic, moisturizing, buffering stress.
Because the skin has these characteristics, so it has protection, absorb nutrients, regulating body temperature, secretion and excretion, feeling, beauty, metabolism and immune system.
Second, how to maintain skin
Skin as the body of an organ, part of the body to maintain good skin, first of all pay attention to the maintenance of overall health:
(1) to maintain a happy and cheerful thoughts, to prevent aging of the skin has a very important role, people inside and outside the living environment in harmony and unity achieved.
(2) adequate intake and essential nutrients, diet should be diversified to avoid the kind of food, should eat some protein, vitamins, minerals-rich foods.
(3) should ensure that adequate sleep, skin and breathing of the time update in the 10 pm to 2 am or so, so avoid staying up late, is very important for skin health.
(4) adhere to regular exercise, enhance physical fitness.
Second, we must pay attention the health of local skin care:
‘ skin clean: clean facial cream or facial cleanser to remove dirt, will face cream applied to the forehead, nose, cheeks, chin and neck at, at your fingertips up in various parts of the face massage, facial oil dissolved,and then use warm water (water temperature below 35 ) from outside to inside, from the bottom face and neck flushing, usually 1-2 times a day.
For the whole body skin clean, location, varies depending on the season, usually 1-2 times a week can be better to use soft water cleaning, rub lotion after bathing to keep skin moist.
‘ According to the different types of skin care.We must first learn to judge the nature of their skin, the method is simple, the evening will be cleaned face, do not apply any fat cream, the next morning with a clean, gently wipe both sides of tissues in the nose, if full of paper towels absorb oil, it is oily skin, if a little greasy, but not too much, it is normal skin, if virtually no fat, are the dry skin.
Strong secretion of sebum oily skin, large pores, acne prone, but strong stimulation of tolerance, a day at least 2 times with warm water washing, followed by topical Lotion, topical creams, such as cold cream.
Dry skin dry, less sebum, the skin white, easy wrinkling, intolerance stimulation, wash with warm water 1-2 times a day, do not use soap, the general agent to protect the skin with fat.
Normal skin, between the between the two, usually used emulsion skin care.
Sensitive Skin: The skin meager cheeks in the capillary expansion, lack of luster, easy to allergies.Application of such soft skin clean, avoid excessive scrubbing with a towel, avoid using perfume, skin care products available children.
Combination skin: nose, paranasal, for oily forehead, cheek to dry, care when both.
Third, the skin care precautions in accordance with the nature of their skin care routine, it should also pay attention to:
* Avoid cold and wind stimulation, especially in the winter and spring, so the skin becomes dry and rough.
* Sunlight or ultraviolet radiation, is one of the main factors of skin aging, excessive sun exposure can cause skin wrinkling, relaxation, aging, pigmentation, telangiectasia, photosensitivity dermatitis, skin cancer and other diseases.People should avoid from 11 am to 3:00 exposure to sunlight, they went out with a hat or umbrella, sunscreen outside.For facial freckles, telangiectasia, skin pores and other issues photorejuvenation equipment available for treatment.
* Avoid eating spicy, stimulating food and drink, especially alcohol and smoking, smoking will prevent the skin’s metabolism, accelerating skin aging.
* Avoid prolonged heavy makeup and makeup are not royal sleep, so that is not conducive to the skin to breathe.
* Do not turn your faces as the “experimental field” and avoid the skin at the same time series with different kinds of cosmetics, skin prone to allergies and other adverse reactions.In short, skin care should pay attention to the health of the body, local skin care and proper use of skin care products and other issues.Once the skin problem should be to the regular hospital treatment specialist, not your casual drug use leading to exacerbations or adverse effects.Wishing you a beautiful permanent, eternal youth!
1. The mashed banana, add milk, applied to the face.Wash after 20 minutes, you can make your skin smooth and delicate.
2. Stir the honey and egg white in the face after the coating can make the skin smooth and reduce wrinkles.
3. The turmeric powder and milk mixture coated on the face to remove sunburn and reduce the hair on his face.
4.Cereal, cheese and tomato juice Stir painted face, 20 minutes and then cold water wash to help restore sun-darkened skin, shiny skin.
5.The Health and potato chips attached to the face can reduce the color of freckles and scars.
6.Cucumber juice is great Lifting of water.The cucumber sauce evenly coated on the face can tighten pores.After 15 minutes, washed with water.
7.Rhubarb and lime juice can also help restore the skin tan.Lime juice is natural bleach.
8.Honey can make the skin smooth and shiny, and reduce wrinkles.
9.Citrus fruit juices are a good choice to deal with oily skin.
10.Ice friction with the skin can tighten pores and promote blood circulation.

Smooth Hula Hoops – Do They Work?

We all know that exercise is very important. We have been told this since we were children but the fact is most people just do not want to do it! Not everyone likes he idea of jogging around and getting all sweaty but exercise is very important. You just need to find some form of exercising that you enjoy and try to incorporate it into your daily lifestyle. Once it becomes a routine it becomes easier and soon you will be exercising everyday.

I found a great way to exercise and reduce belly fat and I have been doing it since I was a little girl. When I was a kid I had no idea that it was actually exercise but now as an adult, I have found it to be fun and it really does help sculpt a thinner belly. I am talking about using a smooth hula hoop. It really works my abs. The first few times I did it, I could only do it for a few minutes at a time. I started doing it during commercial breaks, while I watched TV at night.

Smooth Hula Hoops

The Pros: Smooth hula hoops are less likely to cause bruising like a hula hoop with ridges does. You can expect to find them in the same price range as their counterparts. Smooth hoops will also give you just as much of a workout as a ridged one. If you bruise easily then a smooth hoop is what you need!

The Cons: Smooth hoops can be more difficult to get started especially for beginners but once you get them going it becomes second nature. It took me a little while to get it going but it was fun! If you tend to give up on things easily then a smooth sided hula hoop is not for you!